What should I do if my child’s permanent (adult) front tooth is knocked out?

Dental Emergency

Tooth loss due to trauma is one of very few situations which should be considered a dental emergency. The aim is to replace the tooth back into the socket.

If you cannot do this, place the tooth into a glass of milk, if milk is not available, use water, and contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Attempt to replace the tooth

  1. Stay calm.

  2. Before picking up the tooth, try to determine which part of the tooth is the crown (part above the gum, usually a lighter shade with a flat edge) and which part is the root (yellower colour with a pointed conical shape).

  3. Try to pick up the tooth by holding the crown instead of the root.

  4. The tooth surface will be contaminated. Place the tooth into a glass of milk (or water if milk is unavailable). Gently agitate to remove debris from the tooth surface.
    Now take a couple of minutes to consider how you should proceed. At this point you should try and get hold of a dentist as they will be the best person to replace the tooth into the socket.If you cannot access a dentist, you can attempt to re-implant the tooth into the socket yourself. You will need the child to be very cooperative.

  5.  Gently, but firmly push the root back into the socket.

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