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Pulling Teeth – What’s Really Involved

When we are children, we all go through that exciting if slightly terrifying experience of losing our teeth. They will fall out naturally one by one and we will watch with anticipation waiting for our adult teeth to cut through the gums and grow in. But sometimes those loose teeth need a little help coming out, and that’s where the old wife’s tale of a piece of string tied to a doorknob comes in. Continue Reading…

Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry

For a lot of people, visits to the dentist usually involve a bit of poking and prodding, a good teeth cleaning and maybe some fillings or a root canal if you’re unlucky. This all comes under the remit of routine dentistry, and is what we spend a lot of our time doing. But surgery’s like ours also offer a range of services known as ‘cosmetic dentistry’, which are designed to enhance or alter your teeth and gums to give you the perfect smile. Continue Reading…

How Your Teeth Change With Age

Your teeth are amazingly resilient. Think about the amount of chewing, brushing, crunching, biting, tearing and chattering they do every single day. Sometimes it’s impressive that they can stay so solid. However, every day wear and tear combined with natural ageing does start to take its toll, and as we get older we will start to see changes in our teeth. Continue Reading…

What is a Crown?

What is a crown?

A natural tooth consists of a crown and a root. The crown is the part we can see above the gum, while the root is part we cannot see below the gum. The root secures the tooth to the jaw bone.

When we use the term “crown”, what we really mean is a “prosthetic (artificial) crown”.


How long does a replacement crown last?

Crowns are very strong and we expect them to last for many years.

When is a crown recommended?

A crown is recommended when the natural crown has been weakened by a large filling, root canal treatment or decay.

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