What is classed as 'cosmetic' dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can include a whole spectrum of treatments from replacing small stained fillings to veneers to full mouth reconstruction with implants. As always it is very important that patients spend time considering their treatment options.

Very often patients will attend thinking that they need all of their teeth crowned or veneered, believing that embarking on expensive and time-consuming treatment is their only option. In reality, they may only need the replacement of an old filling and perhaps some bleaching to feel so much more confident about themselves. Subtle changes can often make a big difference.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to smile with confidence. Modern materials and techniques allow us to design smiles which, with good care, will remain beautiful for decades. In my opinion, cosmetic dentistry has to make a very significant improvement to one’s appearance and at the same time appear completely natural. This is where the boundaries of science and art become blurred and slightly philosophical.

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