What is an Implant?


For centuries we attempted to replace missing teeth with a variety of different materials including wood, ceramics, metal, animal bone and other people’s teeth with little to no success.

In the 1960s, Professor Branenmark from the University of Gothenburg discovered that living human bone actually binds to the surface of titanium. This rapidly led to the development of dental implants.

Modern Dental Implants

A modern dental implant is a specially engineered root shaped piece of titanium which is placed into the jaw. After a suitable healing period (usually a few weeks), the implant is ready to support a crown.

Implant placements are usually completed with local anaesthetic. Like any other procedure, implant placements are pain free. For the vast majority of cases, placing an implant is far less traumatic than having an extraction.

Success Rates

I use the Astra Tech implant system. This is one the original and most respected dental implant systems.


Astra Tech implants have been the subject of thousands of academic studies over the decades. Documented success rates are in excess of 96% over many years. I have placed over 300 implants since 2006 with a success rate of more than 99%.

99% Success

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