For the majority of patients, 6 monthly removal of calculus by their dentist or hygienist with good home care will eliminate the risk of problematic gum disease.

Why do I need to have a check-up?

Prevention & Advice

All good dentistry is concerned with prevention. The primary task of task of a dentist to either stop oral diseases in their tracks, or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Patients will receive:

  • Detailed advice as how patients can improve their tooth cleaning techniques at home.
  • Advice about the effects of smoking and smoking cessation
  • Diet & flouride advice

Save Money

Tooth decay and gum disease are usually very straightforward to manage if they are caught early; small fillings are much cheaper than larger ones and they can also last a lot longer before needing replacement.

The ‘C’ Word

So that we can look for the warning signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions such as oral cancer.

Oral cancer is on the increase and dentists have a very important role in its detection. As with nearly all other forms of cancer, those of the head and neck are much more amenable to treatment if they are detected early.

Frequent Questions

Patients should visit their dentist every 6 months.

Mechanical cleaning with a tooth brush is essential. For many, inter-dental brushing and floss is also essential for the maintenance of good oral health. Mouth rinses have their uses but are often not a long term solution!

  1. If you do nothing else, brush for at least 3 minutes twice per day with fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Try to practice regular cleaning between the teeth with small brushes or floss.
  3. If you smoke, do your very best to reduce your tobacco intake. Try to quit. The links between smoking, gum disease and oral cancer are clear.
  4. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks
  5. Avoid frequent carbonated drinks. They have a low pH and the acidity will erode teeth.
  6. Avoid frequent citrus drinks.
  7. If you wear a denture, make sure you clean it with soap and warm water (not toothpaste) and remove it for disinfection throughout the night.
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