A filling is used to repair fractured, damaged or decayed teeth.
A filling can be used in the majority of cases to restore a tooth to normal function and appearance.


Even with higher standards of tooth care; regular check-ups, an awareness of which foods to avoid and the numerous products available to help clean and protect our teeth, there are very few people who will escape the need for a filling during their lifetime.

A filling is used to repair a fractured, damaged or decayed tooth. In the majority of cases they are successful in helping to restore it to its normal function and appearance.

The fillings I offer are not only safe and strong but are also aesthetically pleasing in a world where a natural looking, healthy smile is important to many people.

I only use natural looking filling materials (composite) which I match to the colour of my patient’s teeth. None of the fillings I use contain mercury (amalgams) which many consider to be harmful to their health.

In the past, composite (or white coloured) fillings have often been considered less hard-wearing than amalgam, however more modern materials are now available meaning that today they are just as strong and reliable and can be used in front and back teeth .

Depending on location and depth of the cavity a single filling will take around 20-60 minutes to place.


Core filling for a crown- £80

If you require a core filling to ‘build up’ your existing tooth in order to create stability so that a crown to be placed.

Fillings- £80+


My fillings do not contain Mercury.

Frequent Questions

When a tooth has become fractured, damaged or decayed.
Single fillings normally take 20-45 minutes.
Inlays and onlays are excellent alternatives to standard fillings.

Core Filling for Crown
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More Info

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