Tooth veneers are individually and expertly manufactured ceramic (porcelain) facings which are cemented on to teeth to improve appearance.
The rationale for veneers is that they provide a relatively conservative solution to discoloured, chipped, crowded or spaced teeth.

Smile Design

Smile design is the process of planning and making a new and improved smile for a patient. The 3 basic concepts in smile design are symmetry, proportion and colour. I work with my highly skilled dental technician to achieve the most natural and attractive smiles possible.

Frequent Questions

Veneers are a solution to discoloured, chipped, crowded or spaced teeth.

Provided all the teeth and gums are healthy, the whole process can be completed with 2 weeks.

I first started placing veneers on a regular basis 12 years ago. Since then I have fitted several hundred.

As far as I know, all the veneers I have fitted still look excellent and function perfectly well.

Veneers are not always the best solution in cosmetic dentistry. I will often advise referral to my orthodontic colleagues for tooth straightening. Bleaching is often a simple, conservative and cost-effective alternative to placing veneers.


On many occasions I have used composite filling material to close gaps between front teeth (diastema) where many of my colleagues (more in the USA) would have advised veneers. The results with composite have been excellent.


Planning for veneer placement costs in the range of £150 to £250. This involves providing the patient with wax teeth on a plaster model which will give an excellent representation of veneer size and position. This is called a “diagnostic wax-up”.

The veneers themselves are £550 each.

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