How long does a crown last?

I recently removed a tooth with a gold crown which was fitted in Berlin in 1946. The crown looked like it was made yesterday but the tooth had failed due to gum disease. Usually it is not the crown which fails but the tooth underneath it. I try to ensure that the fit of my crowns is perfect. This means that with good oral hygiene and a low sugar diet, the crown may last a lifetime.

Of course crowns are not indestructible and they are subject to wear and tear. Some people put their teeth through a lot more than others in terms of what and how they eat. Some people rigorously grind their teeth (bruxism). It is important that we establish the existence of these habits and try to correct them.

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  1. Susan Reid

    My crown has become loose (in fact it is literally hanging off, only held in by a partial denture!) after a root extraction in hospital on Tuesday (28th Oct 2014). I was warned this could happen. It obviously needs fixing but there are two issues:
    1) The extraction hole next to it is still open and I don’t want an infection to develop.
    2) Can the original crown be cemented back on or would I have to be fitted with a new one? (again, I would not want any impression material getting into the hole.)
    Can you advise how long to wait before getting this sorted, and is it possible to join your practice? (I am under Shaun Greaves for periodontal treatment at present having seen him before, several years ago). I no longer have any faith or trust in my present NHS dentist as she has caused me much trauma, physical damage and damaging advice. Shaun gave me a full and thorough check including x-rays and photographs, with some very helpful advice. I feel that I might be a lot happier continuing this at Heath Dental Suite.

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