Take Care Of Your Smile This Christmas


We were delighted to be able to attend the light turn on festival for Fleet last week. It was truly a lovely evening, with lots of festive activities and good feeling all around. But one thing we did notice was the sheer amount of sugary treats everyone was munching on. Now, while we did join in (we love candy floss as much as the next person!) but it made us think about just how much we consume over the Christmas period. So while you’re enjoying your advent chocolates and your Christmas day feast, here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy and sparkly – without sacrificing the Christmas spirit!

Keep Up The Routine


The worst thing that you can do over the Christmas period is ditch your normal routine for a few days. The week of Christmas is always frantic, and if you have children who are up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day, it’s even harder to keep some order. But your teeth and mouth take a hammering over Christmas, with lots of sugary foods, drinks and higher alcohol levels all consumed over the Christmas period. Make sure all teeth are brushed before presents are opened, and if everyone gets a bit tired in the afternoon, do your second brush then, rather than in the evening before you stumble to bed.


For Grown Ups – Eat Cheese With Your Wine


Christmas is a time when most adults will drink more than they usually would. To avoid getting red wine teeth and other damage the sugar and alcohol can cause, simply add a cheese board to your Christmas menu. Hard cheese acts as a kind of wax barrier, preventing stained teeth from red wine or cranberries, which will just bead up and roll off. Cheese is also a great way to promote the health of your mouth. Cheese helps return the mouth to its natural acid balance and reduces the chance of tooth decay from all the sweets and sticky puddings! Even a small amount of cheese will have this positive effect, as will sugar-free chewing gum – but this might make you unpopular at the dinner table!


Watch The Christmas Crackers


This is the time of year when the boxes of Quality Street get passed around, and even if you don’t usually eat them, we often indulge. Too often we’ve seen customers come in having been overzealous when chewing a particularly hard toffee, and lost their filling in it. Be mindful of just how hard and sticky things like toffees are, after all, you don’t want to spend Christmas getting your fillings replaced! Christmas nuts are also a prime culprit of cracked teeth or fillings over Christmas, especially those that require a bit of encouragement to come out of their shells! The final offender for damaging teeth over Christmas is actually Christmas crackers! It’s amazing how many people get overexcited about crackers, and use their teeth to try and get them open (or to snap) if they fail. Just remember, your teeth are not tools, and they shouldn’t be used like them!

Remember that as an adult, you only have 1 set of teeth, and you need to take care of them. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t indulge and enjoy Christmas (after all, that’s what it’s all about!) but it should be something you think about. Simply making sure you keep up your dental hygiene routine and beware of sticky, sweet foods hanging around causing problems is enough to keep the dentist away in the New Year.

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