Why do I need an examination?

prevention & advice

Good dentistry is concerned with prevention. The primary tasks of a dentist are to either stop oral diseases in their tracks, or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Patients will receive:

  • Detailed advice as how they can improve their tooth cleaning techniques at home.
  • Advice about the effects of smoking and smoking cessation
  • Diet & fluoride advice

save future time, worry and money

Tooth decay and gum disease are usually very straightforward to manage if they are caught early; small fillings are much cheaper than larger ones and they can also last a lot longer before needing replacement.

Oral cancer screening

We always look for signs of other conditions such as oral cancer.

Oral cancer is on the increase and dentists have a very important role in its detection. As with nearly all other forms of cancer, those of the head and neck are much more amenable to treatment if they are detected early.