We do not do fillings containing mercury.

Fillings are used to repair a fractured, damaged or decayed tooth. In the majority of cases they are successful in helping to restore it to its normal function and appearance.

Even with higher standards of dental care; regular check-ups, an awareness of which foods to avoid and the numerous products available to help clean and protect our teeth, there are very few people who will escape the need for a filling during their lifetime.

The fillings we offer are not only safe and strong but are also aesthetically pleasing in a world where a natural looking, healthy smile is important to many people.

We only use natural looking filling materials (composite and ceramic) which we match to the colour of the patient’s teeth. None of the fillings we use contain mercury (amalgams) which many consider to be harmful to health and the environment.

In the past, composite (or white coloured) fillings have often been considered less hard-wearing than amalgam, however more modern materials are now available meaning that today they are just as strong and reliable and can be used in front and back teeth .

Depending on location and depth of the cavity a single filling will take around 20-60 minutes to place.